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Oktibbeha County Heritgae Museum Pavilion



This design build project was a collaboration among Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Building Construction Science, and Graphic Design.  Our aim was to create a structure and a landscape that taught sustainable practice at a small building scale. Essentially extending the museum into the landscape.  The steel for the pavilion was reused from an old gas station down the street.  This steel system was adapted with a portal frame to be able to withstand the weight of the green roof.  A tower element centered by a repurposed spiral staircase provided access to the green roof.  The cladding of this stair was to be designed and built by a team led by myself.  The top half of the staircase is clad with tall wooden elements while the bottom half is covered with a door that rotates 360 degrees.  The cladding system is made up of two perpendicular members.  These two members are a result of ripping a 2x6.  The design of the system creates zero waste material while at the same time creating a structural and dimensional cladding with a vertical presence.

Year: Summer after 2nd Year

Type: Cultural, Public Space, Suburban

Program: Public Pavilion

Location: Oktibbeha County Museum Starkville, MS

Scale: 700 sq ft

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