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Loakfoma Lookout

Year: 2nd Year 2nd Semester

Type: Public Space, Rural

Program: Conference Center

Location: Noxubee Refuge, Starkville, MS

Scale: 200 sq ft


      At first I percieved the Noxubee Refuge as a prestine truly natural location but upon further onsite investigation, I came to realize that much of the seemingly pure nature was man manipulated.  Further research to this manipulation showed that in fact the lake was created and controlled by a long manmade dam and a spillway.  This spillway allowed complete control of flooding into the wetlands. Because this condition expressed the reality of the manipulation of the landscape, the building was sited atop this condition directly on the spillway.  This allowed the building to receive sounds from the waterfall which was an inherent condition of the spillway.

      The form was concieved as two opposing languages: rigid angular forms extruded from the spillway and a long curvalinear path that stretched through the wetlands.  These two formal languages contrast each other heightening the presence of both.  They also stood as a metaphor of the context that was partially manmade while partially natural.



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