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KC Community Garden

Year: Summer after 3rd Year

Type: Cultural, Public Space, Suburban

Program: Outdoor Classroom

Location: Kansas City Community Garden

Scale: 600 sq ft


A family friend is currently the educational director at the Kansas City Community Garden.  She anchors an educational program that hosts school field trips for students from all over the Kansas City Metropolitan area.  She requested a design for a small outdooor classroom to show to the donor community.  I happily volunteered my time for this nonprofit organization.  I organized a series of plans, sections, and renders that illustrated the potential of a rainwater collection system that would utilize the large catch area of the outdoor classroom.  The classroom is sited adjacent to the beanstalk garden for ease of access to the cistern.  The butterfly roof and a central gutter express the water catchment system.  This allows the architecture to become a teaching tool.

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