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DC Bikeshare Station

Year: 2nd Year 1st Semester

Type: Cultural, Public Space, Urban

Program: Bikeshare Station 

Location: Georgetown in Washington, D.C.

Scale: 400 sq ft


       The semester was broken into five segments. Development of an adaptable parti for a bike share station within the urban-scape of Washington, D.C was the initial stage.

        In plan the parti consisted of a core with long lines stretching from the boundaries of the core. The core housed conditioned locker rooms and covered bike storage while the long lines accommodated for a speed reduction zone as well as ample bike storage.

        The next three segments of the semester focused on a physical manifestation of this parti using three conventional materials: wood, steel, and concrete. A series of models and drawings were constructed for each of these materials. Material variation required a reinterpretation of the parti for each based on the material’s structural, spatial, and tactile properties.

      The final was an effort to combine two of these material systems. Wood and concrete seemed to be quite adaptable to the parti which was based on the scale of the human in correlation to the scale of the streetscape. The duality in material allowed these two scales to have a distinct presence. The megalithic use of concrete allowed the structure to have a presence at the urban scale while the wood allowed for a human scale to exist within the structure.

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